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When to book your newborn session …

It happened. And it happens all the time.

This week 3 people reached out for a newborn session whose babies are already one week old. Now I know what you are thinking. That’s great! Bring on the babies.

But see, there’s just one problem. By the time I have availability the babies will be too old.

Yes. I said too old.  You see the newborn babies I photograph here on Long Island are all under 2 weeks. MAYBE 2 1/2 if I am super busy, but after that it gets really tough for me.

You see I could just shoot them all. At any age. But I am passionate about capturing these newborn babies and I want your images to be consistent with what you see here on my site. And these newborns are all just so new.

Many of you are wondering why. What’s the big deal? Can’t you just book my little guy at 4 weeks? Or two months? They are still new…

So here is why. In the first two weeks your little newborn baby is going to be s-l-e-e-p-y. You baby is going to be so sleepy that most likely even 6 outfit changes will not wake them. And you want variety in your gallery. In a typical newborn baby session I use 2 backdrop fabrics, anywhere from 3-6 buckets or baskets and sometimes a rug. And don’t forget family photos. Those are included in your session as well.

Another reason I need to shoot your baby in the first 2 weeks is that I want to get you a variety of poses. Your little one has just spent almost a year all curled up inside you and once they’ve been out for a few weeks, they no longer want to curl up so much. They start to stretch out those tiny legs and arms and it can be challenging to get those perfect images you see here.

So, when to book your newborn session? Honestly, its in the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy. After you have found out that all is well around 12/13 weeks and right around when you are getting over that miserable morning sickness.

A small deposit will reserve a spot with me in your first 2 weeks no matter when you deliver. So what are YOU waiting for? Reserve a spot for your newborn photo session today and let the fun planning begin!

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