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Client Reviews

Sooo.. this week I booked a client who said all of the client reviews on my page were a big reason why she booked her session with me! So thank you to every one who has taken the time to leave such kind words about your experience at your newborn photography session with Two Bees Photography.

I got this text message the other day from a client the other day and it was just so touching, I HAD to share!

client reviews

These messages and my client reviews never go unnoticed. Her daughter Kenzie’s session can be seen here.

Karen - November 29, 2015 - 3:41 am

i’m currently expecting and due in jan 2016. looking for pricing for your photography packages. please email me your rates and what they include.

excited to hear back!


Janine - February 13, 2016 - 6:48 pm

I cannot say enough great things about Jen from Two Bees Photography. After a very difficult pregnancy, our family had an amazing experience with our son’s photo shoot. What a wonderful way to wrap up this journey! Jen was beyond professional and did whatever she could to keep both the baby and our older son happy throughout the entire process. Her pictures exceeded our expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend Two Bees Photography to anyone considering photos of their baby.

Nicole - August 19, 2016 - 2:24 am

Jen from Two Bees Photography captured the most beautiful images of my son when he was a newborn and then again when he was 9 mos old. Her pictures literally took my breath away. I am so happy to have these pictures of my son at this most precious time in our lives. I will be using Jen again in the future to photograph my son’s 1st bday and many more. Can not say enough!!! So thrilled with the process, photos and personal care. Two thumbs way up!!!

Dix Hills Newborn Photographer | Newborn Photography

Dix Hills Newborn Photographer

Mason Parker. Cute as a button. Not fond of sleeping. Or being messed with.

I COMPLETELY understand how stressful this can be for a new mom. Or dad.

I’ve been on both sides of the camera and know that feeling. You start to panic. What if my baby doesn’t sleep? Is she still going to get cute images? How am I going to send out announcements without a photo? I paid all this money and this kid just isn’t cooperating.

I promise you can rest assured knowing that we WILL get great images, awake or asleep. And they all do eventually fall asleep. Even if only for a moment.

Little Mason here was warm and well fed but just wanted to watch me and be held.

Luckily for us, he eventually gave in for a little posing time and we got the best of both worlds. I really do just LOVE the awake shots and his amazing eye contact. He was SUPER cute and I really love the name hat Mom had when I got there.

Isn’t he adorable? How could I get mad at this little guy for wanting to stay up with me??

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Jenifer of Two Bees is the very best newborn photographer. Check out her current work on Facebook!

When to book your newborn session | Long Island

When to book your newborn session …

It happened. And it happens all the time.

This week 3 people reached out for a newborn session whose babies are already one week old. Now I know what you are thinking. That’s great! Bring on the babies.

But see, there’s just one problem. By the time I have availability the babies will be too old.

Yes. I said too old.  You see the newborn babies I photograph here on Long Island are all under 2 weeks. MAYBE 2 1/2 if I am super busy, but after that it gets really tough for me.

You see I could just shoot them all. At any age. But I am passionate about capturing these newborn babies and I want your images to be consistent with what you see here on my site. And these newborns are all just so new.

Many of you are wondering why. What’s the big deal? Can’t you just book my little guy at 4 weeks? Or two months? They are still new…

So here is why. In the first two weeks your little newborn baby is going to be s-l-e-e-p-y. You baby is going to be so sleepy that most likely even 6 outfit changes will not wake them. And you want variety in your gallery. In a typical newborn baby session I use 2 backdrop fabrics, anywhere from 3-6 buckets or baskets and sometimes a rug. And don’t forget family photos. Those are included in your session as well.

Another reason I need to shoot your baby in the first 2 weeks is that I want to get you a variety of poses. Your little one has just spent almost a year all curled up inside you and once they’ve been out for a few weeks, they no longer want to curl up so much. They start to stretch out those tiny legs and arms and it can be challenging to get those perfect images you see here.

So, when to book your newborn session? Honestly, its in the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy. After you have found out that all is well around 12/13 weeks and right around when you are getting over that miserable morning sickness.

A small deposit will reserve a spot with me in your first 2 weeks no matter when you deliver. So what are YOU waiting for? Reserve a spot for your newborn photo session today and let the fun planning begin!

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How to choose a newborn photographer | Two Bees Photography

How to choose a newborn photographer …

Is custom photography for everyone? Not at all.

Professional photography is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Sure, you can certainly get cute shots on your own of your baby with your iPhone,  however, if you want your newborn photos done “just right”, hiring a professional newborn photographer is a must and certainly something you’ll want to splurge on.

Especially because of the limited time frame you have to do so. When you hire a professional newborn photographer, you can (almost always) guarantee that you’re going to receive beautiful, tangible items to portray cherished memories that you will love for years to come. If you find a photographer you love, and if you value the service being offered, you WILL be happy to save up for it, and be super glad you did once you have those images in your hands.

So once you have decided you want those precious images of your baby, how do you start to find a newborn photographer that fits your needs?

Start with what you are drawn to. Which images make you ooohh and ahhh….

Look at reviews. This person will be holding your most precious possession after all.

Decide what you are comfortable with. Do you want to travel or do you want the session done in the comfort of your own home?

And finally, the best thing you can do is speak with the photographer. Ask your questions and get a feel for who they are!

The best time to book your newborn session is in your second trimester. Most newborn photographers take a deposit to reserve a spot with them and it makes one less thing to worry about when you new bundle of joy arrives!

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Jenifer of Two Bees Photography is one of the very best on Long Island and surrounding New York areas. Contact her to book your session today!

Newborn Twins Photographers | Long Island

Newborn Twins Photographers

So twins are kind of becoming my thing. I’ve been lucky enough to capture many sets through the years, and FOUR sets this Fall!

Photographing newborn twins is no easy feat. They often arrive early and can sometimes spend weeks, even months in the NICU. These two boys spent over 45 days in the NICU and I was sooo excited to meet them when they finally came home.

These two little guys are the tiniest miracles. Landon was born at just 2 lbs, 7 oz and Boden was only 4 lbs, 4 oz. Every day they got stronger and stronger and are now thriving at home with the most loving parents, and big sister Haleigh.

There are so many newborn twins photographers out there, but you really need to find someone experienced when looking for someone to handle your precious babies. I always make sure to take my time, making the babies as comfortable as can be and I always bring a second photographer to help hold and spot the babies for safety.

Lauren from LKSquared joined me on this shoot, and even met this family at the NICU to capture some beautiful images there. Check out her video HERE.

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