Hamptons Newborn Photographer

Hamptons Newborn Photographer

Do you know when the best time for a newborn session is? Most people don’t.

Most of the newborn sessions seen on my page were done around the 10 day mark. This is because babies under two weeks are usually sleepy and flexible enough to be posed in a variety of positions. At about 3 weeks these tiny babies will  stretch out those legs, begin to develop baby acne and won’t always sleep so soundly.

But what about babies born early?

Well, I really think babies are ok up until their actual due date. Rachel here was 3 weeks old for our session, but technically she wasn’t even due until the end of the month!

When her mom contacted me, I let her know I only had one free day and she quickly reserved the spot for two days later. I had no idea she lived out in the Hamptons, and also no idea her baby girl was already 3 weeks old.

When she walked in I saw just how tiny Rachel was. An itty bitty thing weighing only about 4 and a half pounds. I prayed my outfits would fit!

She was the perfect size for all my buckets and baskets, so for her mini session we just did prop shots! I feel like the luckiest newborn photographer with sessions like this. Look at her amazing smile!

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Brooklyn Newborn Photographer

Brooklyn Newborn Photographer | Two Bees Photography

Did you know that almost all year long I travel to all of my newborn clients? Most of the images you see were taken right in my clients’ homes. I bring everything down to the floors and “walls” so you don’t need to do a thing!

In the Summer I shoot in my Long Island home while my boys are in camp. It always amazes me that people are willing to come to me with their new baby, but this summer I’ve had clients come from Brooklyn, and even the Hamptons!

This little girl lives in Brooklyn, but came out to Long Beach for her photo session with me. I admit, I was a little worried that she would be up after a long car ride, but she did sooo well! Once she fell asleep, she was O-U-T!

The great thing about traveling to me is that if your baby is a great sleeper, we can just keep shooting. I have access to all my props and outfits, where as when I come to you, I am somewhat limited with what I can bring.

Anyways, I am so happy this little girl was so amazing because she is just the cutest little thing and we were able to capture so many precious images.

Take a look and enjoy!

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Alexandra Guerrero - December 27, 2015 - 3:58 pm

Hi, I am interested in booking a newborn session for my baby (due January 2nd) if a session can be booked can you please share your pricelist?
Thanks in advanced!

Newborn Mini Session | Two Bees Photography

Newborn Mini Session | Two Bees Photography

In an effort to make newborn sessions affordable to all, I have added a mini session to my list of newborn session packages! The package gives you 10 images, opposed to the 25 in the other packages and I try to focus on prop shots. This enables me to give you a wide variety of photos from your session and my newborns usually do pretty well in the baskets.

The other great thing about my mini sessions is that they usually last about an hour. If you are not feeling great, but still want to capture your newborn while they are sleepy and flexible, this package may be for you.

“What if I book the mini session, but I want products?”

I get asked all the time about add ons. You can add on prints, canvases, albums or announcements on to any of my packages and really customize them to fit your individual needs. Want something else? Just ask!

The great thing about owning my own business is that I make the rules, and I can change what needs to be changed to accommodate every clients’ individual needs.

Check out today’s newborn mini session I had with Isabella! She was over 9 pounds of pure deliciousness, dimples and all!

newborn mini session

Fern - September 30, 2015 - 6:42 pm

Hi how much is this package for the newborn mini session?

Best Long Island Baby Photographer | Two Bees

Best Long Island Baby Photographer | Two Bees

Sometimes I book clients SO far in advance it seems like forever before I finally meet them and their baby.

This baby’s beautiful mama has been following my photography journey for a LONG time. How long? Well she knew I used to be Jenifer Lauren Photography which was at least 3 years ago! So, let’s just say a LONG time.

I was so flattered to hear that she followed knowing one day she would have a baby and wanted me to be the one to capture the images. I also felt like I wanted these images to be so perfect for her.

Baby girl Talia was wonderful for our session and we changed outfits A LOT! She barely made a peep and only woke up a few times for milk. After a bottle, she was out and gave us the most beautiful smiles.

I have to say I was a little nervous when mom asked if we could incorporate her wedding dress, but once I saw it I was excited! I love using personal items and really making each photo session here on Long Island, unique. The fact that little Talia began smiling once we put her on mom’s dress was nothing short of a miracle and I am so happy with how this session turned out! I just know these are images her family will treasure forever!

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Best Images of Newborns | Two Bees Photography

Best Images of Newborns | Two Bees Photography

For years Facebook was this AMAZING place. Where you could see the best images of newborns all over your newsfeed. Where every business you followed showed up in your feed and everyone liked or commented on your photos.

That ship has sailed. As small business owners, we need to find other ways to reach out to all of you. And I’m trying. But it can be SO frustrating.

But I have passion. I am SO passionate about this business. I want to get better and I want to be the one to show you the best images of newborns and babies in that adorable sitting stage. So I’m reaching out everywhere. I’m on google +, Instagram, and Twitter. I still post on Facebook but I’m missing the old Facebook. More and more people are finding me through Google and I’ve been busier than ever thanks to all of my clients who share and refer me to their friends.

And for that I am eternally grateful. This is my passion and when I am not shooting, I miss it! So thank you for all keeping me so busy each week. My gift to you?

Well some more beautiful newborn images, of course! Enjoy!

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