Outdoor Newborn Photography Long Island

Our children are the most precious parts of our lives, and it is important to capture every moment of their first few weeks with us. As a newborn photographer, I love to find unique environments in which to capture the magic of your newborns. What better place to do that than outdoors? Having photo shoots outside offers infinite possibilities for backgrounds and scenery, and allows your newborn to be cradled by nature in the first weeks of its life.

The photos of your newborn will reach a new level of creativity and help to capture the innocence of your newborn while surrounded with the serenity of nature. As a mother, I recognize that the safety and comfort of your newborn is the highest priority, so I am always sure to provide a cozy environment, even outside. If nature doesn’t want to comply with our desire for an outdoor photo shoot, I can always find alternatives.

I am enthusiastic and willing to go anywhere outdoors that you feel would best suit your wishes for an outdoor photo shoot. I always try to incorporate a level of delicacy and finesse since I am attempting to capture the unique personality of your newborn, and I can bring this into any sort of outdoor environment.

Venturing outdoors for a newborn photo shoot is always a wonderful experience for the parents, the newborn, and for me. Long Island has many different kinds of sites to explore that could be perfect for capturing your newborn in its most delicate form. It also creates a unique setting for the photos as opposed to the more traditional way of shooting in a studio or in your home. This alternative setting for photos gives you the opportunity to make the memory of your newborn’s first pictures something to remember and hold onto forever.

Be sure to book your appointment a bit in advance. You do this through the contact page on my website. I want to accommodate you in case if your newborn comes a tiny bit early or a tiny bit late. I leave a few days leeway in our appointment time so that we can make sure to capture your newborn at the perfect time.