Newborn Photography, New York

It is hard to think of many things more precious in life than a newborn baby. As newborn photography begins to gain popularity around the country, parents everywhere are starting to regret not scheduling an appointment for their baby while they had the chance. Since newborn photography usually takes place within the first two weeks of childbirth, it is important that you make sure to schedule your appointment months before your expected due date. I have been providing fellow New Yorkers with beautiful, heartwarming photographs of their newborns for many years now. Your newborn won’t stay this small forever, which is why I specialize in taking photographs that will always remind you of this precious moment in your life.

Many parents fall in love with their newborn photographs because of all the cute, unique poses and positions that their newborn can get into. With that being said, there is nothing more important to me than the safety and comfort of your baby. As a parent myself, I understand how delicate newborns are, which is why I make sure to avoid all poses that could cause your baby any harm or discomfort. In fact, most newborns are so comfortable during my sessions that they are almost always asleep throughout the entire photo shoot.

I do my best to make sure that each of my newborn photography sessions is unique and tailored towards your needs. I have a long list of props and accessories that I can offer you and your newborn throughout the photo shoot. Not only do these props and accessories make the photo shoot more personalized, but they also make the overall experience very fun and enjoyable.

Since I have been photographing newborns for many years now, I have mastered the art of knowing which poses are effective and which are not. This means that I can focus on quality over quantity, allowing me to provide you with a very high quality end product.

I encourage everyone interested in my services to take a look at my extensive portfolio, There you will find some of my favorite newborn photos from the past and may even get some ideas for your newborn photography session. I look forward to meeting you and your lovely newborn in the near future!

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