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Newborn Photographer Long Island

There are soo many factors when choosing a newborn photographer, that the job can be overwhelming for any new mom. While I am so honored for all the families that have chosen me over the years, I always tell potential clients that whether it is me or someone else, they should choose the photographer who’s work they love best.

You see, it’s not just about price. We are all over the spectrum when it comes to pricing, but that is for so many reasons. Time, travel, SAFETY, EXPERIENCE, etc. I used to be that photographer I feel people picked for price. But that did not pay my bills or make it worth it to leave my own children for hours on the weekend. Each photographer values their time differently and we all have a price that works for us. In the end, years down the line, you will not remember the price you paid. You will see the images. The tiny lashes, the fingers.. the rolls. The flakes that say I’m so new. The cord. That heel prick.

So what should YOU look for when choosing a newborn photographer?

I would say images 1st. Find a photographer who’s work you love.

Decide whether you want to travel or have them travel to you. Not all moms feel great after giving birth and some don’t want their babies out in the cold. Two Bees Photography offers newborn sessions in the comfort of your own home, making it simple for new moms!

Finally speak to the photographer. Feel free to ask questions and get a feel for who they are and what you should expect in your session. Did you know I bring EVERYTHING needed down to the outfits and flooring?

In my mind your images are priceless.. PRICELESS. I will stay as long as is needed to capture your images.With one son already in Kindergarten and one not far behind, I know firsthand how time flies. How precious the moments are.

So please speak to your friends. Do your research. And then? Pick the photographer who’s work SPEAKS TO YOU. Who’s images you ohhh and ahh over…

While I hope it’s me, most of all you need to be happy with the photographer you choose! For now, check out little Zachary Michael. I just LOVED every moment I got to spend with him…

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Newborn Photographer Long Island | Two Bees Photography

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