Newborn Milestone Photography

As parents, we all know how important it is to capture memories of our children at all stages in their lives.  Time is fleeting, you bring your newborn home one day and in the blink of an eye they are sitting up, then walking, then running!  It is vital to encapsulate forever the image of your newborn baby in beautiful, professional photographs.  Here at Two Bees Photography, I take great pride in photographing newborns, at the very beginning of their new life and throughout the months and years to come.

I specialize in newborn milestone photography.  It is a great joy and honor to be able to watch my clients’ babies grow and change and to make gorgeous photographs that they can enjoy for years to come.  I prefer to take a newborn’s first portrait when he or she is just a few weeks old, there is no greater milestone to celebrate than being born!  From there on out, it is the preference of the parent what milestones they choose to commemorate.  Many opt for another photo shoot when their infant can support their own head, when they sit up, or when they can walk.  Others choose birthdays as important milestone markers.  Whatever you and your family decide, Two Bees Photography is ready to make your newborn milestone photography dreams come true.

Please do not delay in booking your newborn milestone photography session, it is best if you book your sessions several months in advance of your due date.  You can contact me via my website under the contact tab.  I look forward to working with you!