Newborn Birth Announcements | Two Bees Photography

Newborn Birth Announcements | Two Bees Photography

So, let’s talk newborn birth announcements..

You just got these beautiful images, why not show them off?!

The best way to do that is to mail out birth announcements. I offer unique templates you won’t find on sites like Shutterfly and they are professionally printed to ensure proper colors and crop ratios.

You have the option of 3 paper types as well: pearl, linen, or brushed cotton, at no extra charge!

All newborn birth announcements are just $2 per card, come with envelopes and arrive at your door just 2 days after we’ve placed your order! What’s easier than that? I can even add your return address to the envelopes.

Here are current templates I offer. If you would like to create a custom template, just ask!

Newborn Birth Announcement #1

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Newborn Birth Announcement #2

newborn photographer long island

Newborn Birth Announcement #3

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Newborn Birth Announcement #4

long island birth announcements Newborn Birth Announcement #5

long island newborn photographer Newborn Birth Announcement #6

new york newborn photographer Newborn Birth Announcement #7long island newborn photographers

*All newborn birth announcements must be ordered in increments of 25.