Lifestyle Newborn photography New York

Nothing is more innocent and beautiful than a newborn baby. Those first moments of your baby’s life are so full of joy and true emotion. From the first smile, the first yawn, the first blink, you want to cherish those precious moments with your newborn. As a mother myself, I know how fast the time goes and how important it is to look back on those first moments when your child is first sensing the new world around them.

I have been capturing newborn moments in New York for many years and have been providing families with beautiful, high quality portraits of their babies. The best time to have a newborn shoot is within the first 15 days of birth, so if you are truly considering having a professional newborn photo session it is important to schedule with me during pregnancy. I am always considerate and flexible of early or late delivery dates so you can ensure you will not miss your session.

The most important thing during newborn shoots is safety. I ensure all safety precautions are taken to make sure your baby and family are safe, relaxed, and enjoying their experience. Every newborn and family is different and I have adorable props, backgrounds, and settings to make the portraits even more special and unique.

While some families love using props and posed images of their newborns, some families prefer lifestyle shots where they can cradle or hold their baby in a natural way.  Although these shots are still posed, they offer a new perspective and capture real emotions that make for truly memorable photographs.

I want to make sure you have beautiful high quality images of your newborn to look back on as your child grows. Please take a look at my portfolio for samples of my work. I hope to be able to work with you and your family in the future.