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Dix Hills Newborn Photographer

Mason Parker. Cute as a button. Not fond of sleeping. Or being messed with.

I COMPLETELY understand how stressful this can be for a new mom. Or dad.

I’ve been on both sides of the camera and know that feeling. You start to panic. What if my baby doesn’t sleep? Is she still going to get cute images? How am I going to send out announcements without a photo? I paid all this money and this kid just isn’t cooperating.

I promise you can rest assured knowing that we WILL get great images, awake or asleep. And they all do eventually fall asleep. Even if only for a moment.

Little Mason here was warm and well fed but just wanted to watch me and be held.

Luckily for us, he eventually gave in for a little posing time and we got the best of both worlds. I really do just LOVE the awake shots and his amazing eye contact. He was SUPER cute and I really love the name hat Mom had when I got there.

Isn’t he adorable? How could I get mad at this little guy for wanting to stay up with me??

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