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There are no words that can describe the connection that parents have with their newborn baby. As a proud parent myself, it amazes me how fast our children grow up. Many times I find myself wishing I could freeze time and hold the moment still. This is why I believe it is important that we capture as much of our children’s lives as possible, making the memories last forever. By hiring me as your baby photographer, I will strive to make sure you have amazing, high quality photographs of your baby that you can cherish and treasure for the rest of your life.

For many years now, I have been photographing babies and newborns throughout Long Island. Baby photography is one of my favorite areas of photography because it allows me to combine my passion for photography with my love for children.

I like to make all of my photo shoots unique and different. I want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. To help me accomplish this goal, I offer a variety of props to all of my clients. Baby pictures that include props not only add to the cuteness of the picture, but they also give the photo session a new personality.

I am a perfectionist at heart, and continue to strive for perfection each and every time I take out my camera. One of my biggest philosophies is quality over quantity. Instead of taking thousands of mediocre photographs, I take my time and make sure each picture I take serves a purpose.

For samples of my work, I encourage you to take a look at my portfolio, which features a lot of my work that I have done in the past. If you are interested, don’t hesitate and give me a call. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

Newborn Twins Long Island | Two Bees Photography

Newborn Twins Long Island | Two Bees Photography Gia and Stella were the cutest little things and one of 3 sets of twins I’m meeting this fall! Twice the fun and twice the cuteness!! If you are having newborn twins Long Island has the best photographer for you! Jenifer of Two Bees Photography specializes in […]

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Newborn Twins Photographer | Two Bees Photography

Newborn Twins Photographer Graycen and Gavin. The newest twins to arrive here on Long Island. I just can’t believe how many families are having twins nowadays! The new class entering Kindergarten in Lynbrook, New York has 11 sets. Yes, 11 sets of twins! One set were clients of mine and its amazing to see so […]

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Newborn Photographers Plainview | Two Bees Photography

Newborn Photographers Plainview | Two Bees Photography Wow! It has been the summer of the girls! Out of my 12 newborns in August, I think ONE was a boy. One. Usually my newborns do go in waves, but a whole month? Its so crazy to me. I always try my best to make each session […]

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Hamptons Newborn Photographer

Hamptons Newborn Photographer Do you know when the best time for a newborn session is? Most people don’t. Most of the newborn sessions seen on my page were done around the 10 day mark. This is because babies under two weeks are usually sleepy and flexible enough to be posed in a variety of positions. […]

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Brooklyn Newborn Photographer

Brooklyn Newborn Photographer | Two Bees Photography Did you know that almost all year long I travel to all of my newborn clients? Most of the images you see were taken right in my clients’ homes. I bring everything down to the floors and “walls” so you don’t need to do a thing! In the […]

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