Cake Smash Photography Long Island

1st Birthdays are such an exciting time! Your baby is at the peak of cuteness and their personality starts to sparkle in a way that never had before. Capturing the joy and intricacies of the tiny person they are becoming is my goal for a cake smash session, as well as providing you with wonderful memories to carry with you forever.

A cake smash session is exactly what it sounds like—a ton of fun! Your tiny one will get all dressed up and we can figure out the perfect setting to capture the delight your baby will derive from getting to devour a cake with its little hands. I love these sessions because they are always filled with laughter and, since it’s such a celebratory time in your life and in the life of your baby, we all leave with full hearts and amazing memories. 1st birthdays are always the pictures that get pulled out at various events over the course of your child’s life, so it’s important that they tell a story of a joyous time for your baby and are a fun memory to look back on for years to come.

Each session is as unique as your baby, from the environment we create to reflect their personality and interests, to the way they smash their cake all over their chubby cheeks. It’s a blast to capture these moments because there is nothing like the sheer bliss your baby’s face when they dig their fingers into the sugary heaven of a fresh cake. It’s a fun time in their life that you’ll never forget.

Cake smashing photography sessions could take place for babies anywhere from 11 to 15 months old. These sessions are highly popular and people end up loving the photographs they receive. Feel free to vist my contact page to ask me any questions and book your appointment ahead of time so that we can come up with a vision for capturing such a joyous occasion.