Baby Bump Photography

As a mother-to-be, the time is drawing nearer when your child will finally join you face-to-face. Before this day comes, it’s important to capture the first stage of your relationship with your baby. The baby bump is the pride and joy of a mother-to-be, and should be captured to remember forever.

Baby bump photo sessions are lighthearted and full of joy.  It’s a thrilling realization that the baby growing inside of you will be soon be held in your arms, and my photos capture this excitement and anticipation. Something I also try to highlight is the natural beauty and glow that you have as a mother-to-be.  I make sure the range of emotions you feel, from serenity to excitement, are captured in your photo shoot.

Baby bump sessions are some of my favorites because the mothers-to-be are so full of hope for this new chapter in their own life and the first chapter in the life of their child. Your passion is contagious and I love to make these photo shoots a fun experience and something to build excitement for the birth of your child. It is also a fun thing to do with your partner, and it is always a good idea to share the photo shoot with them. Their presence in the baby bump photos will make for a fun session, and pictures that tell a great story of the people that love your baby, even before its birth.

As a mother myself, I can relate to all the thoughts rushing through your mind, but I want to help you check one thing off your list and take care of producing beautiful and awe striking picture of your baby bump. You can book your appointment now, and contact me on my website to start a conversation about your hopes and visions for your baby bump photo session.